Local Service Providers

Provided by Ken Miller & Associates

Name  Service Provided
Portland Installation 503-209-4700 Appliance Installation
Appliance Guys 503-531-8853 Appliance Repair
Marc's Masonry 503-349-7993 Brick Work
Adams Carpet Cleaning 503-620-7445 Carpet Cleaning
R & C Carpet Cleaning 503-266-8735 Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Surgeon 503-520-9717 Carpet Repair
Jeff Wyckoff 503-381-7627 Computer Service
Boxaid 800-999-6872 Computer Service
Fettig Concrete 503-692-0598 Concrete Work
Jason May Concrete 503-631-7028 Concrete Work
Premiere Construction 503-810-3752 Concrete Work
Richard Smith 503-784-7948 Concrete Work
M. Leon Construction 503-643-6631 Drainage
Ability Plus 503-246-0474 Drainage
Fuzion Electric 503-528-6033 Electrician
Roberts Electric 503-572-3230 Electrician
Boones Ferry Electric 503-682-4936 Electrician
Kathy's Estate Sales 503-781-1351 Estate Sale
Sure Flame-Paul Bennett-503-709-1408 Fireplace Service
Heat Relief 503-261-9915 Fireplace Service
Fireside Distributors 503-969-1561 Fireplace Service
Dave's Garage Doors 503-641-8987 Garage Door Repair
Nathan Wilson 503-270-9103 Gutter Cleaning
Great NW Gutters 503-925-1035 Gutter Replacement
Randy Antonson 503-577-4041 Handyman
Ed Duffield 503-313-9114 Handyman
Brian Foster 503-939-9746 Handyman
Chris Allen 971-226-1453 Handyman
Columbia Heating 503-624-2704 Heating & A/C
Jeff Foote 503-709-1476 Home Inspection
Brian Foster 503-939-9746 Home Remodeling
Bob Wyffels 503-680-9430 Home Remodeling
Diana McEvoy 503-984-0697 House Cleaning
JB Insulation 503-625-9700 Insulation
Mike's Locksmith 503-684-1475 Locksmith
Active Mold Control 503-699-2910
Mold removal
Alpha Environmental 503-406-6686 Mold removal
Certified Environmental 503-221-7904 Mold removal
Willamette Valley Moving 503-621-0442  Moving
Tri-County Moving 503-997-1939 Moving
Brian Owen 503-522-4895 Painting
Matt Jacoby 503-708-9530 Painting
Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346 Pest Control
Raven Pest Control 503-707-4849 Pest Control
Nichols Plumbing 503-653-2069 Plumbing
Bruner Plumbing 503-624-4880 Plumbing
Rayborn Plumbing 503-692-4139 Plumbing
Joe Stender 503-680-1667 Popcorn Ceiling Removal 
Kelly Miller 503-309-0262 Pressure Washing
Mike VanHook 503-830-6564 Pressure Washing
Greg Skei 503-644-1950 Pressure Washing
Dennis Stone 503-348-7848 Pressure Washing
Liberty Roofing 971-998-7790 Roof Repair
Real Estate Roofing Service 503-284-5522 Roof Warranty
Caring.com 800-973-1540 Senior Care
Apollo Drain 503-669-0774 Sewer
Sygnet Solutions 971-220-0033 Sewer
Ray Estes 360-901-3097 Shower repair
TVF&R 503-649-8577 Smoke Detectors
Rain or Shine 503-572-9215 Sprinkler Systems
Jones Sprinkler Repair 503-649-6093 Sprinkler Systems
Down to Earth Irrigation 503-684-3500 Sprinkler Systems
City of Tigard - Water 503-718-2460 Utility Company
Clean Water Services 503-848-3000 Utility Company
Frontier Communications 800-921-8101 Utility Company
Xfinity/Comcast Cable 800-934-6489 Utility Company
NW Natural Gas 503-226-4211 Utility Company
PGE 503-228-6322 Utility Company
Pride Disposal 503-625-6177 Utility Company
Verizon 800-483-4000 Utility Company
Kelly Miller 503-309-0262 Window Cleaning
Nathan Culp 503-795-9140 Window Cleaning
Johnson Home Improvement 503-639-6799   Windows
Affordable Glass 503-620-0773 Windows
Mobile Screens Etc. 503-245-0048 Window Screen Repair
Pedro Gamez 503-656-0848 Yard Maintenance
Luis Gamez 503-977-5399 Yard Maintenance
Rain or Shine 503-572-9215 Yard Maintenance